Frontend developer
Georgi Milevski

Telegram: @milevskiGeorg
English: Pre-Intermediate

About me

What I am looking for

I want to participate in product company. Working with non-trivial, complex tasks. Introduce new innovative solutions and making great products.

My way

2018 - now

SCAND company. Web developer.

My duties:

  • Work on core functionality of UI (Prepare architecture, plan of implementing, implementing, covering by many types of auto-tests)
  • Code review and help teammates for delivering features
  • Developed a lot of UI features (Native JS. Redux. Inferno.js. LESS)

My results:

  • Implemented and updated a lot of cores UI components (Tables, Navigation, Header, etc)
  • Invent and made a feature for fast search of work items. (Research, prototype, test, implement)
  • Integrated system for visual auto-testing of UI, to reduce count of bugs (Storybook with own framework based on "playwright")
  • Implemented a lot of e2e tests on C#(selenium), nodejs (puppetier)
  • Set up a some meetups about technologies: "Typescript" | "How browser's engine works under hood"

2021 - now

Teachmeskills. Teaching a js base online course

2020 - 2021

HTMLAcademy Mentor in JS courses (Base, Architecture, React)

2017 - 2018

EPC company. Frontend developer.

My duties:

  • Implement and made features for a billing services (integration with another system for grape information about transactions and it calculate final price).

2016 - 2017

EPC company Implementation enginer

Integration host2host solution with customers

My technical stack